Acoustic Foam Sound Controller Tiles: Speakers That Say Shhh!

Typhonics SP-38T acoustic foam sound controller tiles from Hectopascal look like speaker cones but actually work the opposite way: by absorbing extraneous sound, they're sort of like "anti-speakers".

These acoustic foam tiles add a little creative design to standard sound dampening wall coverings that typically display a monotonous ridged pattern, a checkerboard of vertical and horizontal raised rectangles or something that looks like a glorified mattress pad. Who wants THAT on their wall when instead you could have THIS:

Each charcoal gray tile is made from sound-absorbent polyurethane foam and measures 18" x 15.5" x 2.75" (45cm × 39cm × 6.8cm). They come packaged with double-sided tape to make it easy to stick 'em up wherever you want to banish sound shadows - home theater rooms, recording studios, your kid's drum practice area - you name it!

Like every silver lining, unfortunately, Typhonics SP-38T acoustic foam sound controller tiles have a dark cloud and that's the price: 4,935 yen or $55... each. Even a minimalist setup of a dozen tiles will run you a good $660, so for the set-up above, well, you do the math. (via Gigazine)

For those with a smaller pockebooks, traditional foam soundproofing tiles maybe a better option.

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