Acquacalda Uses Applied Physics To Create Practical Gadgets


If you are a closet nerd who loves to entertain or a geek who happens to have a lot of friends you are sure to appreciate the One For All, All For One design by Acquacalda.  This unique wine pourer uses the Pascal Principle to equally pour four glasses of wine at once. In fact, this design is only one in a series of science principle based household gadgets.



The idea behind the designs was to apply the laws of physics to practical items and create functional gadgets that also showcase these principles.  Another cool item in the line is the Archimede’s Scale which is a bowl that will show the weight of its contents when it is immersed in water.  The line that corresponds to the depth that the bowl sinks to indicates the weight of the items in the bowl.

Even though I have never been that into science, I think that these would be fun gadgets to have around.  I can just imagine how great they would be to give as a gift to a science loving friend.  Unfortunately, these appear to be just designs at the moment.  Hopefully they will make their way to stores in time.


Jun 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Love the wine dispenser.

Other dispenser apps:

iced Coffees


Fill main Tank & add 4,5 nozzles & have Fun.

Make in 1,3 gal sizes alone.

Jun 18, 2010
by Kim Patterson


All fun ideas!