AData releases SATA III-supported S510 SSD

AData Technology, a company known mainly for their RAM, has released the S510 – a new solid state drive serving as a midrange counterpart to the company's flagship S511 models. AData boasts the drive's use of a SandForce SF-2200 controller and, as a result, its fast speeds.

Supporting a SATA III interface (which supports up to a 6Gbps data transfer rate), AData says that the drive can handle up to 550MB/s sustained read and up to 510MB/s sustained write performance, and 4K random write speeds of up to 85,000 IOPS. Combined with a 120GB capacity, the S510 should work very well as a boot drive.

You can also upgrade your older, SATA II 3Gbps-supported desktop or laptop with the S510 too, but, if AData's numbers are to be believed, you'd be missing out on some performance doing so.

The S510 SSDs should start to hit store shelves in a few week's time. Pricing is unknown, but considering the fact that AData describes the drive as “An Affordable Entry to the World of Solid State Speed”, I would expect it to go for somewhere under $200.

UPDATE: The S510 SSD is now available here at Amazon and other retailers.

(Via AData)

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