Add Chalktrail To Your Kid's Bike Or Scooter For Artistic Exercise

I can remember my long, youthful days of summer at the community pool, fierce neighborhood kickball games, and evenings of catching fireflies. I also remember riding my bike for hours each day. The feeling of freedom while riding to a friend’s house or the exhilaration of speed while flying down a steep hill would have only been made better if I could have shouted, “Eat my chalk dust!” Chalktrail for bikes will let your kids do just that. But more importantly, by adding a piece of sidewalk chalk to your kid’s bike or scooter, Chalktrail will let your kids create artwork while getting some exercise. The makers of Chalktrail like to call this blend of activity and artistic creativity, “Artivity.”

Chalktrail is a wishbone shaped chalk holder made in designs that attach to either a bike or a scooter. Chalktrail for your bike attaches to wheel sizes ranging from 12 to 29 inches. Though based on the size of your tire, the angle of the chalk will need some adjusting for optimal creativity. And Chalktrail scooter accessory fits most Razor style scooters. Chalktrail lets kids (and grown-ups) of all ages to create artwork with a little foot power. The assembly is easy enough for most children to do on their own and each piece of chalk lasts for about 1.5 miles of riding.

It can be tough to get your kids away from screens or battery operated toys, which can make it tough to keep them active. Chalktrail is an incentive for some kids to exercise. And it’s an artistic bonus for those kids who are always on their bikes. Chalktrail chalk is washable, non-toxic, and can be purchased in replacement packs.

Inventor Scott Baumann got the idea of combining bikes with chalk when he saw his kids get on and off their bikes to draw with sidewalk chalk. He put the two together by cutting a hula hoop in half, taping a piece of chalk to one end and then taping the other end to his daughter’s bike seat. With a successful Kickstarter campaign and a deal with Fat Brain Toys, his front yard invention has been called one of the “coolest toys” by Parents Magazine.

My daughter loves to keep up with the big kids on our street. Well, she tries to. Her toddler legs don’t work as quickly as she’d like them to, but Chalktrail would give her some major cool points from the big kids who ride circles around her. And while they’re riding circles, why not draw some too? Our street will be turned into a never-ending rainbow of awesome chalk designs. Chalktrail may have made artistic exercise the best kind of exercise. You can buyChalktrails here.

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