Add A Little Personality To Your Gear With The Beardo Ski Mask

Beardo Ski MaskBeardo Ski Mask

Ski masks are a virtual necessity for activities like skiing and snowboarding (or anything done in cold weather). With the Beardo line of HD Ski Masks, you can show a little of your personality in your gear. Choose from a number of designs, from leopards to dogs to some guy named Gary (though it may be weird wearing another guy's face on your face), and transform yourself the bottom of your face into something that isn't you but can aptly express just who you are.

Beardo Leopard MaskBeardo Leopard MaskBeardo MaskBeardo Mask

While it's fun to wear a lumberjack beard printed ski mask, the Beardo Ski Masks aren't just designed with fun in mind. The Beardo Ski Mask offers you quality protection from the elements. Its Flex Material repels the wind, rain, snow and whatever else Mother Nature throws at you, while the soft fleece lining keeps you warm and comfortable. The ski masks are also very flexible, are made with an anti-microbial material, come with a Fresh Air Breathe Hole and have anti-fog protection when used with goggles. 

Beardo's Ski Masks will run you around $30 and are offered in a variety of designs. You can find them on Amazon.

Source: Beardo