Add Phone Charms Japanese Style with Stick-On Adhesive Buttons

Want to hang phone charms off your mobile just like they do in Japan but your cellphone has no hole? No problem - just stick on a button!

Japanese cellphone charms are big business across the Pacific and the more charms one has dangling from their cell phone, the merrier they seem to be. It's a trend that many non-Japanese would like to emulate but for one sticking point: most non-Japanese cell phones don't have that little hole in the corner where cell phone charms can be attached.

Now there's a solution; one that doesn't involve taking a power drill to your phone. Just stick on a cell phone charm attachment button. The super-strong button offers the same type of anchor as an integrated grommet, only inside out & sideways. It does the hole one better as well: you can add as many buttons as your phone has space for... ever tried adding a hole?

One downside to the cell phone charm attachment button is that once it's stuck on, it's stuck on for good. Well, you could possibly pry it off but the adhesive is not reusable.