Add Some Eggsitement To Your Easter With Amazing Easter Eggs

Easter is the best time of year for someone with time on their hands and a fridge full of hardboiled eggs, but hand-painting dozens of eggs with pink stripes and yellow dots can be mind-numbing to say the least. Wouldn't it be more fun to spend hours, if not entire days, carefully creating Easter egg masterpieces that reflect more about who you are as a person? For many of you, the answer to that question will be a resounding "No", but for others, Easter egg decorating is a way of life...a really, really tedious way of life.

To start things off on a personal note...Sunday is not only Easter, but also the Season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones. In honor of this long-awaited day, one Game of Thrones fan, Jacquie Longlegs, thought of these DIY Dragon Eggs. With a styrofoam core, a handful of thumbtacks, and some paint, you can one-up The Bunny by dropping some of Khaleesi's fire-breathers into Easter baskets this year.


Dragon EggsDragon Eggs


Star Wars faithful and Disney fanatics alike got quite a surprise earlier this year when The Magic Kingdom and The Galactic Empire joined forces. This Easter, commemmorate that historic merger by spending the next three days painting your favorite characters onto a few dozen eggs!


Star WarsStar Wars




Easter is very early this year, so for those of you in parts of the world where Spring has not really sprung, the end of the winter months may still be consumed with watching movies and playing video games. Combine your love of laziness with your extreme attention to detail (?) while decorating these Marvel Comics or Nintendo Easter Eggs. Hey, a least your kids will think you're cool.




Marvel ComicsMarvel Comics


Not everyone has microscopic paintbrushes, artistic brilliance, and a completely empty schedule for the rest of the week, so some simpler designs might be easier to manage. In my effort to continue pairing these designs in some sort of clever way, I suppose I could say that a lot of people spend as much time playing Angry Birds as I spend watching Family Guy. And also, Stewie's head would be the perfect missile to knock some of those pigs out. 


Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin


Angry BirdsAngry Birds


As much as I would like to find some bizarre linkage between these last two themed egg ideas, I don't think Judy Garland and Pikachu have much in common.  Flying monkeys wouldn't exactly be out of place in the world of Pokemon, but that's still a stretch. One thing that does connect these just as much as any of the other designs is how much time and attention it would take to pull these off successfully.  


Wizard of OzWizard of Oz




So for all you Easter Egg El Grecos out there, Good Luck!  If I were you, I'd run to the store, buy some eggs, then lock yourself in your art studio with your tiny, round canvases and get working. remember, there's only 388 days until next Easter!

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