Add Some (Expensive) Class To Your Office With Empire Steampunk Speakers

Steampunk is more than just gluing a few gears to a petticoat and calling it a day. It's a nuanced, multifaceted aesthetic choice linked to an enchantment with Victorian and Elizabethan times. The concept that modern technology could be driven by steam power is an intriguing one indeed, and the social norms and rules of honor that were in place in that day and age feel somehow more innocent when compared against the way we do things today.

Plus, it just looks really, really cool.

Take the rather awkwardly-named Empire Steampunk Speakers. Designed by Air Hammer Industries on Etsy, these beauties are each three feet tall, and completely hand-crafted. The wood and copper? That's all real. Each cabinet is made from MDF with a copper veneer, copper edging, and detailing consisting of both brass and bronze. Further, each speaker has a 1.5 inch granite top, and weighs in at 125 pounds. In other words...these things are pretty beastly. They're not the sort of speakers you'd put on your desk, for example.

In addition to looking downright sexy, these speakers pack a serious punch, as well. There's some hefty audio tech packed into the steampunk speakers as well; each one contains a Vifa 1'' silk dome tweeter, a 5'' Pyle midrange, and a 15'' Goldwood downward-firing subwoofer. Unfortunately, craftsmanship - and quality - like this doesn't come cheap. The set is currently available on Etsy for $12,600.00. 

If I had a million dollars...