Add The Spiral Hot Dog Cutter To Dad's Barbeque Gadget Arsenal


I have to admit, I am not a big fan of hot dogs.  I usually cannot stop imagining all of the things that may be (okay, probably are) in them.  Under some very specific circumstances though, they do seem kind of tempting.  Usually for me they have to be grilled outside on a hot day and have been cooked in a manner that creates a lot of extra crispy bits.  Of course, just to be sure that the experience is appetizing, I would then smother it in toppings like sauerkraut, mustard and grilled onions.


For anyone who feels similarly about hot dogs, the Spiral Hot Dog Cutter by Wynder may be for you.  People will often put a couple of slashes in their hot dogs before grilling them up to try to achieve a similar result, but the spiral cutter allows the hot dog to be cut so that every bite has that great crispy grilled flavour and texture.  Besides, it makes them look really cool.  Even better, a spiral cut hot dog will really hold onto all your delicious toppings.



The kit, which comes with three sizes of tubes for different hot dogs, also has three cutters.  The hot dog is inserted into the spiral and then rolled along a flat surface while the cutter is run along the spiral.  This would make a great addition to Dad’s barbeque gadgets, perhaps even as a Father’s Day gift.