Add The Taste Of Bacon To Everything

For many people bacon is the food of the gods. Our culture is becoming obsessed with the stuff. You can buy a bacon wallet, bacon hair accessories, and ties. You can purchase Baconaise for your sandwiches. Bacon SaltBacon SaltDenny's is having a "Baconalia" celebration that brings you bacon galore, even a brownie sundae with bacon. You can join the Bacon of the Month Club. Now you can add that bacon taste to everything with Bacon Salt.

Whatever you are cooking up in the kitchen can have the benefit of bacon flavor. Bacon Salt can go on eggs, potatoes, pasta, popcorn, veggies, and even your morning toast. Whatever bacon you can conceive you can now achieve. With the prices of real bacon getting higher, this is a way you can continue to indulge your bacon craving. 

For those to who bacon is off limits, the product is kosher AND vegetarian friendly. So even you can indulge in the passion of the pork. 

Rim Shot Bacon SaltRim Shot Bacon SaltYou also don't have to limit your salt flavor to plain bacon either. You can get it with cheddar, jalapeno, black pepper -- aw, heck, you can even get it to coat the rim of your margarita. On a low sodium diet? Don't despair. There is also a low-sodium version. To check out a bunch of choices in bacon salt, click here.

Okay, this bacon thing may be getting a bit out of hand. There is also bacon adhesive bandagesbacon air freshener, bacon soap, and even bacon lip balm.

So go on -- the bacon beckons.

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