Read And Drool: Addiction Pet Foods

Yes, I'll admit that reading the labels on Addiction Pet Foods made me hungry, and I did have to take a  snack break to eat before I came back to writing this column. Yogurt... The problem was that I didn't have anything nearly as appetizing as Addiction Pet Food to eat!

The name "Addiction" gets your attention, but so too do the ingredients of this holistic, natural, high-protein, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, grain-free pet food made with real proteins, vegetables, spices, fruits, and extra healthy vitamin supplements from the world's healthiest environment,* New Zealand.


Addiction Dry Pet Foods

Salmon Bleu,"The finest pacific salmon topped with sunkissed berries for optimal health," and Viva La Venison, "Free range venison....served with a generous dose of fruits and vegetables," don't only sound great, they won Top Dry Dog Food of 2009 when ranked by the Whole Dog Journal.  These add to its win in 2007 when Wild Kangaroo and Apples from down under Austrailia won the title.




Addiction Cat Dry Food line also carries Salmon Bleu and Viva La Venison.


Addiction Canned Pet Food

And Addiction's canned food sounds even yummier for cats and dogs.  Not only does Addiction make canned editions of the King Salmon & Potatoes and New Zealand Venison & Apples, but it introduces some really unique proteins into pet diets: Unagi (eel) and New Zealand Brushtail, a non-native marsupial considered a pest to farm crops and native animal creatures in NZ, but one which is "tasty," and has high levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids!





Addiction Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

I've saved what I consider to be the best of Addiction's pet food offerings for last: the dehydrated raw dog food. Dehydrating raw food is a relatively new process for pet food, but it couples the benefits of a raw food diet with the benefits of keeping the food fresh during transport and shelving the raw ingredients. The food is gently dried at low temperatures so as to  maximize its nutrient benefits.

Addiction Pet Foods leads the way in a new standard for premium pet food! We gently air-dry raw meat, fruits and vegetables to keep ingredients fresh and to naturally lock-in vitamins and enzymes. With unique premium protein sources from Venison and Brushtail for sensitive dogs, to Free-range New Zealand Lamb, your dog will be spoilt for choice. And unlike other competitive brands, you can actually see the chunky meat in our food! 




The dehydrated raw food is concentrated, so it is estimated that for a six ounce dish of dog food, two ounces of the dehydrated food would be needed.  The water, which plumps up the food to its natural state, adds the four extra ounces. Water is very beneficial in a dog's diet to prevent dehydration and to keep his urinary system on track, but Addiction suggests that you suit your dog's preferences as to how much water to add to the dish.

Try not to salivate reading the copy on these dehydrated raw foods...

Country Chicken & Apricot DinnerGive your dog a scrumptious and healthy country dinner with tender free-range chicken flavored with the delicate aroma of sweet apricots. With chunky chicken pieces that you can see, served up with a hearty portion of potatoes and carrots, this irresistible grain-free meal will leave your dog begging for more.


Fig'licious Venison Feast: Highly prized since antiquity for their nutritional and medicinal properties, Figs takes center place in this tempting and exotic recipe. Rich in Antioxidants and Fiber, Figs are masterfully prepared with New Zealand Venison to create an unforgettably scrumptious and wholesome meal for your dog.



And there are four more entrees to drool over in the dehydrated raw packages: Perfect Summer Brushtail, Homestyle Venison & Cranberries, New Zealand Forest Delicacies, and Herbed Lamb and Potatoes.

But it's not just the ad copy that gets your attention.  I strongly recommend that you take a visit the Addiction Pet Foods website to check out the ingredients in these healthy entrees (and treats!) to see what your dogs and cats have been missing.This is not just some fancy gourmet pet food; it's healthy!

A wide selection of Addiction Dog Foods and Cat Foods are available to order from  Naturally, I'm going to order some ... but I'll have to do some serious tasting too!

*New Zealand was rated number one by the Pilot 2006 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) that rated more than 130 countries on their performance and commitment to Environmental Health, Air Quality, Water Resources, Biodiversity and Habitat, Productive Natural Resources, and Sustainable Energy. Indicators within these categories include indoor air pollution, water issues, urban particulars, overfishing and CO2 production. Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom are the next four countries on the list.


P.S. Make sure you introduce any new foods very slowly into your pet's diet.  It should take at least a week of adding more and more of the new food  to your pet's current  food, before the new diet has totally replaced the current one. 

That's the buzz for today!