Adhesive Sandal Cleaning Pads Wipe Floors While You Walk

Tired of straining your back laboriously wiping tile or linoleum floors by hand? Japan has something for that: adhesive, disposable floor wipes that stick to your sandals or slippers, wiping the floor while you walk.

Though the Mini Floor Wipes from Japanese manufacturer Minas may seem like just another impractical Chindogu item, their very much for real and are available for purchase at Japanese department stores or online at Rakuten.

The wipes work very simply: one side is coated in a removable adhesive similar to that found on 3M Post-it notes. The other side is soft fabric that grabs and holds dirt, dust and debris typically found on smooth, non-carpeted floors inside homes.

Slap a pair on the bottom of your house slippers and walk about the house - the more you walk, the more dirt the pads pick up!

The wipes are disposable, much like those used by the Swiffer system over here, so once they look sufficiently grotty just peel 'em off, toss 'em out and enjoy the sparking shine from your gleaming, shiny floors.

Mini Floor Wipes from Minas are available at Japanese online retailer Rakuten either in single packs of 12 for 348 yen (about $3.75) or in sets of 10 packs of 12 wipes each for 2,980 yen, or around $32. (via Impress Watch)