The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball Is A Soccer Ball And A Coach

Adidas Smart BallAdidas Smart Ball

Smart technology is being integrated into just about every aspect of our lives and sport is seeing some great products come of it. The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is one of those products. It employs a sensor package to coach you through dead-ball kick training.

You can practice, practice and practice your dead-ball kicking and you're sure to get better and develop your muscle memory. The Adidas Smart Ball gives you a leg up on that training. Its sensor packages gives you instant feedback on each of your kicks so you know what you did right and what you did wrong in striking the ball. 

Inside The Smart BallInside The Smart Ball

The sensor package in the Adidas Smart Ball consists of a tri-axial accelerometer and a Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery, with a life that lasts about 2,000 kicks. It records strike point, speed, spin and trajectory when you kick the ball.

Getting feedback on these aspects of the kick allows you to learn from each kick. You can tell if you struck the ball wrong or now hard enough. You can see what sort of trajectory you get when you strike the ball in different places with different spin patterns. 

Striking The Smart BallStriking The Smart Ball

The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a size 5, 32 panel soccer ball, with the advantage of allowing you to train like a pro. You can fine tune your technique with the instant feedback you get, and you can also get exclusive tips and guidance.

miCoach AppmiCoach App

With the miCoach app, you can see the data from each of your kicks. The Smart Ball syncs, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone or other device and lets you record all of your data so that you can track your progress. This is where you'll find those helpful tips and guidance, and the app also lets you challenge your friends and post your data to social media.

You can visit the Adidas website and find out more information on this product, or you can check out Amazon and order your own at a discounted Prime price of $200. 

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