Adidas Builds "Lightest Basketball Shoes" Ever

Lightweight, minimalistic footwear is all the rage right now. And it looks like it will be up until a few people break their feet because they're trying to pretend that playing sports barefoot is a good idea.

While debate rages over the pros and cons of barefoot running, Adidas has been bringing lightweight, barely-there shoes to other sports. During last year's World Cup, it introduced the F50 Adizero, which it called the lightest soccer shoe in the world. And now that it's NBA playoffs time, Adidas has Adizero basketball shoes. 

They're called the Adizero Crazy Lights, and while that name might suggest a pair of flashing LEDs on the soles, the "light" in this case is referring to weight. The shoes weigh just 9.8 ounces a piece.You'll see them on the feet of prominent players like Derick Rose now that the playoffs are underway. I assume that bright blue color scheme is for the Orlando Magic, but I'm not really sure.

Adidas says its shoe is a close to two ounces lighter than the nearest competitor--meaning most companies are talking pounds while Adidas is talking ounces. Despite the minamalistic build, the shoes supposedly have enough cushioning for big, brash dunks and enough traction and support for on-the-dime maneuvers. The mesh uppers provide enhanced breathability.

Want a pair? Non-superstar mortals will have to wait until June 3.(UPDATE: The Adizero Crazy Lights are now available here on Amazon and at other retailers.)

Via: BeSportier and Oregon Live

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May 20, 2012
by Anonymous

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