Adidas China Hits Overstressed Commuters with Giant Punching Bags

So you've punched the clock but you're filled with unresolved workday stress... China's got something for that: giant punching bags installed on subway platforms! Kick, punch, go all UFC if you like, that's the whole point of Adidas China's “Don't Waste Your Wait” ad campaign.

Commuters using Shanghai's Xujiahui subway station will find several dark blue padded punch-bags featuring the Adidas three-stripe logo and Chinese text reading “Every year you have to wait on the platform for about 1,824 minutes. Don’t waste your time, come and have a punch to relieve some tension!”

Adidas has also targeted commuters at 5 bus stations in the Pudong district with a public spinning machine and a speed bag.

The brainchild of advertising agency TBWA's Shanghai branch, “Don’t Waste Your Wait” seeks to grab the attention of potential consumers who, while waiting for their train to arrive at the station, really have nothing else to do.

Even if they ignore the punchbags themselves and bury their heads in their newspaper or iPad, the sound of someone else landing a swift kick or powerful punch nearby tends to jar anyone's fight or flight reflex.

Reaction to Adidas China's unusual interactive ads has met with approval from both commuters and subway staff. Commented one staffer, “As long as they’re punching them, not us, I'm happy.” (via China Smack)