Adidas Hike & Seek Sneakers: Two Funky Shoe Designs In One Sneaker!

Adidas is known for its cutting edge, funky and classic designs. They're not afraid to take fashion risks with their shoe designs, and more often than not they find a buyer for even the most eccentric sneakers. Their latest line plays upon the elimination of the old convention that things need to match.

Adidas Hide & Seak SneakersAdidas Hide & Seak Sneakers

The new line of Adidas shoes doesn't match, but it does follow the modern fashion convention that things must "go"; and well, some follow that rule more than others. Well, the Hide and Seek shoes don't actually have a mismatched design all the time. What's especially cool is that in basic form, each shoe in a pair is exact, until the zippered part is removed to reveal what's underneath. Wearers can choose to wear their sneakers mismatched or take advantage of two shoe styles in one!

New Adidas ShoesNew Adidas Shoes

Via: Hypebeast