Adidas Kicks Take You From The Mean Streets Outside To The Mean Streets Online

Today you don't need to step away from your computer to enter a different world that's not such a far cry from the one that's just outside your doorstep. Virtual worlds and Augmented Reality programs are growing in popularity, and now Adidas is taking advantage of that by allowing their new kicks to take you from the mean streets outside to the mean streets online.

Adidas Augmented Reality SneakersAdidas Augmented Reality Sneakers

Adidas' new AR line of shoes which features 5 different brightly colored sneaker designers have more to them than meets the eye. Sure, they're fashionable and trendy, but what they really are is the key to give wearer's access into Adidas' exclusive Augmented Reality World. Take those new shoes that you purchased and virtually walk your way through the streets that were said to help Adidas get its start!

To access Adidas' AR world, a code in the tongue of the shoe simply needs to be held up to a working webcam. It may just be a new marketing ploy by Adidas, but it sure is one that's intriguing, and with sneakers that look great, why not try this line?

Via: LTD Magazine