Adidas to Launch Its Own Sports Drink


I really don't think sweaty sneakers and food and beverage are two things that belong under the same company business plan, but Adidas is looking to combine the two in the future. According to a recent news story, Adidas is testing out a new sports drink in Japan. It hopes to launch the drink around the world this year.

The drink has the not-catchy-at-all name of Aquarious Pro, and was developed by Coca-Cola. Outside of the fact that it's a sport drink, nothing else was detailed on the flavors or make-up of it.

With all the Gatorades, PowerAdes, drink mixes, energy drinks and relaxation beverages out there, I don't know that a new competitor from a shoe and clothing company is really what the world needs. However, if I see it in the cooler at the local gas station, I would be inclined to give it a go.

I used to love All Sport, which was a lightly-carbonated PepsiCo. alternative, and haven't been able to find it in years. Maybe Adidas could add a few bubbles and offer an All-Sport replacement.

Upon a little research, All-Sport is still around, albeit without the carbonation. Apparently, some consumers complained about the very reason I liked it, so I don't expect Adidas or any other sports drink to be carbonated any time soon. 

Via SportsOneSource