Adidas Presents: Teamgeist, A Graphic Novel Game Of Epic Proportions

Adidas has hired some gaming and web design geniuses to come up with a turn-based strategy game that runs right out of the browser, and is truly impressive.  The game, called Teamgeist, focuses around a team of soccer players controlled by you, who have seemingly lost their identity and are in search of a "jersey with a story".

The music is epic, and the cut scenes are beautifully shot.  You can bypass them if you want to get straight to the game, but watching them gives you the full experience that Adidas is trying to communicate with this site.  You must rise to the occasion, reclaim your players' identities, and triumph over your adversaries.

The first part of the game is a match between your team and Hungary, who is on a 33-game streak.  You click a player, check his status, and then decide his action and movement.  Time is very limited, so there is a big element of suspense during gameplay.  Once you've input your movies, your players will execute them, and the opposing team will execute theirs simultaneously.  In the cas of shooting, passing, and outmaneuvering opponents, you'll be brought to a slow motion cut scene where you have to guide your player using mouse-controlled crosshairs.

Plenty of franchises have tried browser-based gaming as a means of promotion, but not many have executed it as finely-tuned as this Adidas site.  The graphics are beautiful.  The controls are easy to learn but hard to master.  The gameplay is seriously addicting.  This one is definitely worth checking out, if only for the superb design of the site.  Get out there and play!  Let us know what you  think in the comments.