Adlens Emergensee™ Adjustable Eyeglasses Are A Sight For Unfocused Eyes

Emergensee™ adjustable eyeglasses from Adlens are the long-awaited solution for lost or broken eyeglasses and contact lenses. These instantly adjustable, variable focus glasses aren't intended to permanently replace prescription lenses but in case of emergency, they make an ideal spare pair.

Those who wear corrective lenses have long longed for the day when they can adjust the strength of their eyeglasses instantly, manually, and cheaply. Indeed, several types of self-adjusting glasses have been introduced recently (AdSpecs and SlideLens, for example) but in real world use their limitations become apparent. Take SlideLens... employing two overlapping plastic lenses that slide over one another, each side of the specs is adjustable from from 0D to +4.5D diopters.

Emergensee™ adjustable eyeglasses from Adlens are the next generation of the sliding-lens design. The specs are instantly adjustable, working though a dial guide that allows the lenses to overlap to create different prescriptions. The result is true, DIY variable focus for each indivisual lens through a wide range of powers from -6D to +3D diopters. What's more, the lenses are designed to correct 90% of spherical refractive errors.

Adlens isn't content to rest on their laurels, either, exploiting a unique fluid-filled lens technology that gives frame designers an unprecedented degree of flexibility: no one will know your stylish new glasses aren't prescription eyewear. Need proof? Adlens is featuring the John Lennon™ variable focus eyewear collection on a discrete section of their website. The company was even able to impress Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, so much that she provided a quote for the product page. “Adlens’® technology is such an interesting concept with such amazing potential that really captures the imagination,” states Ono. “I am sure John would be proud to be associated with the glasses and the ethos behind them.” Hardly faint praise considering Yoko Ono has no need to seek out product endorsements.

Check out the full range of Emergensee™ adjustable eyeglasses at the Adlens home page. You can also order Emergensee™ adjustable eyeglasses on their own the easy way online at

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