Adopt A Guy: Retail Store Offers A Modern Approach to Matchmaking

Choosing a mate isn't as simple as shopping for a new pair of jeans (which is a task that many women dread,adopt a guyadopt a guy so we can't underestimate the complexity of jean shopping). But one bold, international company wants women to select a man by browsing the available options in a store using a process that's not unlike shopping for denim. Except that you've got to try your selections on for size after you take them home.

 Adopte Un Mec, which translates to Adopt A Guy, is a business that takes a new approach to romance. The fact that this business concept was established in France is not surprising, as the French are known to be a bit more liberal and forward-thinking when it comes to relationships. Adopte Un Mec does follow a more traditional matchmaking structure in part - as they do operate a dating site. But in their physical office space, modern matchmaking goes in an all new direction.

Adopte Un Mec has been opening up pop-up shops around France to display  eye candy for single women to check out the eligible bachelors of the dating world. In many ways, they focus on appearances - presenting the men in life-size doll boxes with props that demonstrate their interests, and an associated written description. The eligible bachelors are reminiscent of Barbie's boyfriend Ken, and clearly she found her match with a similar presentation so why couldn't the women of France?


Some of the living displays are setup in shop windows to attract women inside with the unique romance business concept. Inside, other available men are displayed in person, while others are represented by pictures and profiles since of course, few can make playing like dolls all full-time activity. 


Despite France's more liberal attitude towards romance, men are still seen as the dominant sex.  So while some might see this as demeaning towards the participants, there are  women that see their potential mate's willingness to present themselves this way as a sign that they are willing to compromise and have a more equal romantic partnership.  Of course, there are probably other women that are just being voyeuristic by popping by an Adopte Un Mec location, but that too generates publicity for their unique approach to the business of romance.

Via: IconoCulture