Adorable Eco-Friendly Frizzle Sizzle Kitchen Play Set

Rafinesse and TristesseRafinesse and Tristesse


If you have ever wondered how to talk to your small children about recycling or the purpose of Earth Day a Frizzle Sizzle or Splish Splash might be the answer. No, I'm not writing nonsense. Frizzle Sizzle and Splish Splash are the names of two very adorable eco-friendly kitchen play sets designed by Rafinesse and Tristesse.

Rafinesse and Tristesse have been around since 2006. Inspired to recycle and create they have created a line of stove top and sink play sets, as well as furniture with as much recyclable material as possible. "With loving attention to detail we transform everyday waste objects into artistic, playful, and practical products that also benefit our environment."  To top it off they give their toys fun names, Frizzle Sizzle for the stovetops and Splish Splash for the sinks.

Now, imagine your little kids face when she sees this colorful kitchen play set made of olive tin cans, can tops and other recyclable materials for the first time. She would probably be amazed that regular household items can be turned into something playful fun and colorful like this. Well, being the curious child that she is she had probably already discovered that everyday household items could be played with as a toy, but now she can do it safely and with your approval.

"Go play with your Frizzle Sizzle!" It's fun to say. Don't you think?

Each play set is unique and handmade in Germany or Switzerland, but cookers and sinks can come with or without a back wall. In addition they can have bordure, clocks, hooks and cupboards added. Extras like musical boxes, potholders, oven gloves and tea towels are also offered.

The Tin Tuffet is also a part of the Rafinesse and Tristesse line, but it's a stool not a toy. Still it is made from recycled olive tin cans. The seats have either cloth covers or canvas covers. The seats covered with canvas are waterproof and stain resistant.

For more information on these eco-friendly toys visit the Rafinesse and Tristesse website.

Via Inhabitots