Adorable Heirloom Wind-Up Music Box

Music boxes have fascinated and mesmerized both children and adults for decades. Today, many of those well-loved boxes are sought-after collectibles that carry a hefty price tag.

Wind-Up Music BoxWind-Up Music Box

Featured in a variety of magazines including American Baby, the Wind-Up Music Boxes are unique and beautiful pieces that will make wonderful additions to any nursery. The heirloom quality keepsakes, from Tree by Kerri Lee, are all lovingly handmade and hand painted by talented artisans in a vintage style.  And these beautiful pieces are also green!  Each Music Box is made out of sustainable harvested wood and finished in a non-toxic water-based paint. The Tree by Kerri Lee creations are made in a 100-year-old general store located just a few hours from New York City. How cool is that?

Wind-Up Music BoxWind-Up Music Box

To start the music, hold onto the pretty finial on the top of the music box and turn the large wooden knob on the front of the box.  As the music plays, the picture on the wooden knob turns around and around. The lyrics are printed on the back of the Music Box in case you do not know all the words. The Wind-Up Music Box is available in 10 different designs in pretty pastel colors schemes with a variety of different songs.

Wind-Up Music Box KnobWind-Up Music Box Knob

Each wooden Wind-Up Music Box measures about 4 x 4 x 8 and retails for $50 each.

Source and Photos:  Tree by Kerri Lee