Move Over, Chia - Adorable Nyokki Grass Pets are Here

Move over Chia Pets - Nyokki Grass Pets are here. From Wrapables, these Nyokki Grass Pets are just plain adorable. Pronounced "n-yoo-key", these low-maintenance plants are not only cute, they also teach children how to care for their very own "pet."

Nyokki Grass PetsNyokki Grass Pets

The egg-shaped pets are handmade in Japan. All are packaged in a glazed ceramic body with cute little fabric legs. Each egg is filled with grass seeds. Care for the pets properly and watch them grow, or germinate, to their full potential in just a few weeks. You can even give them a new "doo" and  trim their "hair".   No lawn mower required!

 Nyokki Grass PetsNyokki Grass Pets

There are several different "species" available - the Monkey, Froggie, Piglet, Kitty, Bear and Chickee. But no matter which one you decide to adopt, they are all too cute.

Nyokki Grass PetsNyokki Grass Pets

Give them as party favors, stocking-stuffers or in Easter baskets. The Nyokki Grass Pets are just under 2 inches by 2 inches. Each pet is packaged in a set of two and the set retails for under $16.

Source and Photos: Wrapables and Amazon

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