Adorn Brides: Luxury Jewellery Rentals For Your Wedding Day

You hear about jewellery stores lending out expensive designer necklaces, rings and broaches to celebrities for major events, but with their name and pocketbook on the line, this is an option that's available only to the rich and famous. Now, one jewellery company is offering the same luxury services to women on one of the most important days of their lives.

Luxury Jewellry Rental for BridesLuxury Jewellry Rental for Brides

The jewellery designs offered by Adorn Brides might not be quite as luxurious (which translates to expenses) as items loaned out to celebs for their red carpet events; but the average bride probably doesn't have the budget to replace multi-million dollar gemstones should they fail to be returned.  They do have items that are probably slightly more expensive than what most brides would want to purchase just for one day, however, with the priciest going for approximately $73,000.

Adorn BridesAdorn Brides

This type of service is a saving grace for many brides who just don't have the money or the reason to spend many thousands of dollars on jewellery that they're likely to only wear on their wedding day. For a percentage fee of the total jewellery, brides can be adorned in the luxurious jewellery items; but in order to offer insurance on the pieces they do have to fund a 5% security deposit on their credit card. With all the costs associated with a wedding you never know when a bride might get sticky fingers.

Via: Luxist