Pee On It, Pull It, and Rub It - Top 10 Most Brilliant Bathroom Ads

Advertising really is everywhere...EVERYWHERE. It seems like you can't escape it no matter where you go in our modern world.

Public restrooms have become the new hot spot for grabbing people's attention and pocketbooks.

It seems anywhere a person looks is a perfect spot for an ad to appear. Here are my picks for some the best and most creative:

Let's start with the door handles...

This use of guerrilla marketing will definitely make you think twice about washing your hands.

Source: Ads of the World

Obviously urinals are key ....

1. ESPN Play Soccer Urinal (Brazil).

Source: Ads of the World

2. The Piss Screen Video Game (Germany)

The Piss-Screen - a pressure-sensitive inlay set within urinals, enabling users to play while they pee. We installed this newfangled creation in male restrooms across Frankfurt, teaming up with a variety of bars, clubs and cafés.

The game itself was displayed on a screen above each urinal, and would automatically start as soon as someone began to pee. The player could then control the car whilst relieving himself – if they wanted the car to go right, they simply peed to the right (and visa versa).

There is a whole site about this project, check out the videos:

Source: Ads of the World

3. The Pissing Mini Cooper Race Course.

Source: Ads of the World

4.Pissing Playstation (Istanbul)

Source: Adverblog

5. Piss and Tell - Web MD.

Make sure everything is coming out OK, right in the restroom.

Source: Pritdamle

Moving on to mirrors ...


1. You Look Good - Jewelry Store (Sao Paulo).

Source: Adverblog

2. Pay Attention - Schizophrenia Awareness.

Public restrooms are even being used to create awareness of more serious issues.

Source: Ads of the World

3. Check How You Look - Polaroid (Brazil).

Polaroid actually replaced mirrors with cameras to promote the instant photo.

Source: Ads of the World

4. Tongda Detergent (China).

To show the power of the cleaning product in creating a "stainless reflection."

Source: Ads of the World

Even sinks are being used...

This one was used to advertise skate lessons.

Source: Frederik Samuel

And paper towel holders...

This paper towel holder was used for the Save the Trees awareness campaign (Shanghai).

They changed the covers on these holders every other day to show the damage begin done to trees by using paper towels.

Source: Frederik Samuel

Even toilet paper and toilet paper rolls...


1. Veloblitz Courier (Switzerland)

Source: Ads of the World


Source: Ads of the World

3. Save the Trees (China)

Source: Ads of the World

4. Green Peace (China).

Source: Ads of the World

Last but not least, and in my opinion the oddest of them all...


Urinals for Women - P-Mate (Canada).


Source: Ads of the World

This stunt was for P-Mates a disposable, biodegradable product that makes it possible for women to pee standing up. To drive trial where the product was most needed (i.e. dirty public toilets), we reversed the men¹s and women¹s washroom signs at a local bar.

Stepping into the washroom, women were met with signage on the floor, over the sink, the urinal and in the stall. With free P-Mate samples mounted on the signs and trial offer coupons printed on nearby toilet paper, it only took a few brave women to spark a chain reaction that spilled out of the washroom, onto the street and into neighboring bars.


Now, I've pretty much covered every possible place in a public bathroom that can be advertised in and on. Did I miss anything? Is there anyplace your eyes can rest that the advertisers have not covered with advertising?

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Sep 7, 2007
by Gloria Campos
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It got my attention

Sep 9, 2007
by MeatShake (not verified)

Nice Campains

It's great to see things like this, I hope some of these eco-campains will be more present in our life in the future...

Sep 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

If I went somewhere and I

If I went somewhere and I saw advertising in the toilets it would be the last time I went to that place.  Advertising is encroaching into every little bit of personal space and that's a bad thing.