Advanced Hunting Knife May Be A Bit Too Much

Weaponry has always been advanced by technology. Insuring the safety of divers, hunters and campers is important, but the concept behind one new invention might take personal weaponry a bit too far.

Created by WASP, the Injector Knife is claimed to be the best weapon to use when defending yourself from an enemy (especially dangerous animals). Without the use of poison, the knife is capable of paralyzing large animals with a single stab.

The way the WASP Injector Knife works is that it forces a massive amount of freezing compressed air into a stab wound. By pressing a button, the gas releases instantly through a thin tube that exits near the tip of the knife’s blade. When released, the gas then expands to the size of a basketball inside whatever the knife has been thrust into. WASP claims that the shock and tissue freezing can stop the largest land and underwater predators.

But do individuals in today’s society really need this type of personal weaponry? It works as a great weapon for soldiers and marines, but as far as hunters and campers go, it’s a bit too much. Not to sound like an animal extremist, but if a person was to come into contact with a mammal like a bear, do they really need to attack the animal with such a dangerous weapon? If the animal did appear to be a threat, then it’s understandable. But who’s going to have the courage to attack the animal and then remember to push the button to release the gas?

The WASP Injector Knife is a great invention that can be used in the military for certain situations, but should only be marketed to them.

To find out more information about the advanced weapon, you can visit its website. You can buy the Wasp Injector Knife on Amazon here.

Jun 27, 2008
by Anonymous


Yeah, it should only be available to the military becase we do such a great job keeping things like automatic weapons out of the hands of criminals. Its a freakin' knife...

Jun 27, 2008
by Anonymous

WAY too intense!

If i were to ever hear about someone who was killed by one of these becuase a citizen had one I would pitch a it. Its perfect for the army like you said and thats all

Jul 5, 2008
by Anonymous

"But who’s going to have

"But who’s going to have the courage to attack the animal and then remember to push the button to release the gas?"

Hahaha. You so funny.