Advertisers Want You Love Them Long Time: 10 Best Valentines Ads

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I guess that's what the marketing machines count on when it comes to advertising around Valentine's Day.  During this time of the year product recognition is fueled by the concept of romance - be it beautiful or just plain silly.  The results are usually either technically beautiful or extremely funny - sometimes both.

This first ad uses stark design to effect, creating an oddly poetic take on Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day Ad # 1: The Portuguese Cardiology Foundation

Simple, to the point, and informative.  The sparse nature of the ad calls attention to the missing element: the heart.

Then marketing firms can manipulate in the opposite direction:

Valentine's Day Ad # 2: Bendon Lingerie

For being two-dimensional, she's quite naughty...For being two-dimensional, she's quite naughty...

In this case there's nothing subtle at all.  The flip side of this realistic pole dancer states, "Be Inspired This Valentine's Day."

From what I can gather, she's been around a while.  But that doesn't matter.  I'm inspired.

Flowers are one of the more popular gifts for Valentine's Day.  I've been known to give a flower or two myself.  But the reaction of the woman in this ad... well, it explains why most men (me included) are perpetually confused by women:

Valentine's Day Ad # 3: 1-800-Flowers

And call me harsh, but if I saw that little tribble-thing crawlin' around on my table, I'd take a fly-swatter to it.

Unfortunately guys sometimes send flowers to the wrong woman (me included... again).  I don't mean that we get the address wrong.  I mean that the woman simply is either not interested in us or... well, just a nightmare in physical form that we - as men - are blinded to because we simply don't think.

It is times such as these that I wish flowers could do this:

Valentine's Day Ad # 4: Teleflora

Ouch.  Flowers 1.  Nasty critter in form of woman 0.

Of course not every commercial is overwhelmed with crying, sarcasm, strippers, and possible heart failure.

Valentine's Day Ad # 5: Robbins Brothers

There are a bunch of these out there, ads that pull the heartstrings and make you go all mushy.  I just happened to like this one.  It's sweet.  Proposing for a woman's hand in marriage is quite the huge event.  I had bubble-guts when I proposed.  And this ad captures all of that.

Of course it doesn't capture the bitter stomach acid brought on by divorce... but that's another article.

If you've not noticed by now, sweetness isn't a trait that I hold on to for too long.  This next video is for some guy that I've never heard of before... but is apparently a big deal...

Valentine's Day Ad # 6: Michael Buble'

And before you ask, the answer is, "No."  I really, truly have no idea who this guy is.  I live in my own little bubble.  I suppose if I know who he is, I'd live in my own little Buble'?

Beer commercials have always been quite savvy when it comes to humor.  How else do you sell something that looks like pee?  Well, aside from sex, that is:

Valentine's Day Ad # 7: Heineken

Beer gloss... How can I not like this idea?  It's... awesome.  I fully recommend that everyone invest in this product right now!

For the more romantically inclined individual, Heineken has this great print ad:

Pardon me...  Can I have a sip of your ring?Pardon me... Can I have a sip of your ring?

Playing on dual imagery (wedding band for some, lip of a beer bottle containing deliciousness for others), this ad is really great.  Subtle yet conveying a bold sense of product awareness.

Then there's Miller Lite.  Okay... this ad pretty much defines how the word "love" is thrown around in the same manner as words such as "s**t," "horse," "the," and "taxes."  "Love" has lost it's emotion, has become just another word instead of  something that conveys an important emotion.  This is sad.  But it makes for a really good commercial:

Valentine's Day Ad # 8: Miller Lite

These last two ads are great examples of built-up expectations that end... badly.  But they are excellent examples of well-designed Valentine's Day ad campaigns.

Valentine's Day Ad # 9: Paso de los Toros Tonic Water

Then there's the visual representative of what my past love lives have been like:

Valentine's Day Ad # 10:

And before you think I'm gonna end this on a snarky, disparate note, I have to say that my current love life is quite nice.  I've found somebody that I'd be happy to spend the rest of my life with.

See.  There's hope for everyone.  Even a bitter ol' bastard like me.

So, my fine readers: Buy lots of stuff!  Rings!  Beer!  Flowers!  Lingerie!  A heart transplant in Portugal!

But most importantly: Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

SOURCE: Ads of the World
Feb 12, 2010
by Anonymous

Very Nice! I'm glad even the

Very Nice! I'm glad even the "bitter ol' bastards" have love.

Happy Valentines Day!