AERO E Converter Blows Your Celluar Charging Woes Away

From designer Lance Cassidy comes the AERO E power converter concept, a breath of fresh air in the plugged-in landscape of mobile device charging.

Cassidy's AERO E power converter works off of the simple movement of air outside a window in order to charge your wireless device, and before you start thinking that you're going to have to go out into the wind and hold your phone into the teeth of a howling gale, take a moment and read this article. After that, if you want to go play in the wind that's your choice.

The AERO E is a set of two opposite-facing turbine blades that are along a rotating shaft and connected to a flat adhesion point on a window's surface. On the other side of the window is the charger itself, which is stuck to the same space occupied by the spinning blades of power. As wind flows over the blades and they turn, the motion is converted to and stored as electrical energy and then transferred via induction to the inside portion of the device.

AERO E: wind power to the rescue!AERO E: wind power to the rescue! 

It is in this inside "sleeve" that a user places their device for easy charging whenver the wind is up. Cassidy has also designed a wireless charging mat for use with the AERO E, as well as an app that allows for connection with the turbine for wind pattern and speed detection.

Not only is this an elegant charging solution but it's fairly sleek for an eco-design. Problems we see include too much wind, meaning the device would snap its rotor shaft and not enough wind, meaning that you'd get very little charging power out. The other obvious concern is just how the AERO E is going to stick to the window - suction cups or putty seem like a bad idea, and the adhesion method isn't mentioned in the documentation. Nonetheless, this is a great little idea for a quick charge and clever way to save on your power bill and be the envy of other eco-people in the neighborhood.

Source: Yanko