Off Of Coffee? But Still Need Energy? Try AeroLife For Your Caffeine

Nobody drinks coffee anymore. Overrated. Everybody drinks coffee I hear you say? Well....maybe it's time to get our caffeine in a different form, specifically in the form of new energizing food invention AeroLife. So how does it work? Does it work? Time to find out.

Along with a plethora of new food-related inventions, Le Laboratoire have come up with a product which delivers an immediate energy boost in the form of a powder which disappears the minute it hits your tongue, leaving you with 100mg of caffeine, or in other words, an entire cup of coffee. Presumably aiming at a market comprizing sport nuts and those who simply don't like getting their caffeine in other forms, AeroLife has been thrust into the limelight as a result of Le Laboratoire's renowned ingenuity.  

Get your energy in a different wayGet your energy in a different way

The good news is that, unlike many Le Laboratoire products, the AeroLife range is available for purchase, albeit only online. Priced at a seemingly marketing guru-engineered $29.99 for a pack of 12, there are also a variety of flavors available, including raspberry, lime, watermelon, cherry chocolate, and mint chocolate.

As magnificently demonstrated in the video below, using AeroLife products is fairly easy. With one simple click and a sharp intake of breath the caffeine-carrying powder finds its way onto the tongue, following which it quickly disappears, off on an energizing journey like no other. However, as pleasant as I'm sure this journey is, the question must be asked; do we want to live in a world which is increasingly geared towards acquiring our energy in ever simpler and less wholesome ways?

In addition to these questions, and unfortunately for the AeroLife image, a google search of the product will unveil videos of internet idiots attempting to snort the powder and finding out, in a rather dangerous way, that the company's countless images of the product being consumed orally were not just some kind of weird joke. So are these barriers set to derail AeroLife's ambitous plan? Only time will tell.

Instant and easy to access energyInstant and easy to access energy

Time for the product break down. It provides 100mg of caffeine per powdery shot. It does so in an instant. And the price, whilst far from enticing, is not disasterous, particularly given the fact that one tube can be used two or three times. Problems? Well...a few. With its 'no calorie' promise, and the website even reassuring potential customers that the product will not 'fill you up', there is a worrying message behind the marketing campaign. In addition to this, there could also be an argument that the product may encourage people to work unhealthy hours or deprive themselves of sleep in the hopes that they can rely on this instant energy boost. On the other hand, it must also be said that the AeroLife website discourages people from replacing their sacred coffee with the product, and instead encourages them to use it as a supplement.

On a positive note, the AeroLife product does seem to be a very good thing if you are an athlete - as long as you are over 18 that is. Indeed, all of the practical and nutritional elements aside, curiosity certainly does arise when encountering the age warning on the site. Nobody under the age of 18 can purchase flavored energy powder? Hmmmmm.

Should you feel like trying this flavored energy-boosting powder, the AeroLife range can be purchased here. And you better believe we want to hear your thoughts, that is assuming you can sit still long enough to type! 

Source: Aero