Aeroyacht 110 to be World's Most Innovative Catamaran


The world of boating is always about the latest and greatest in sea-going technology. This holds true even as many boat builders are beginning to shift to a more environmentally friendly means of hitting the open water. A perfect example of this mindset is the recently introduced Aeroyacht 110.


Designed by world class naval architect Pete Melvin under the guidance of Gregor Tarjan, the Aeroyacht 110 is claimed to be "the world's most innovative super catamaran." While this is quite the claim, the team is confident they will be able to live up to it with ease.

The double hulls are made of a combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber, making them extremely resilient to damage and feature several panels that are joined together rather than a single rounded piece. According to the designers, this will increase performance and stability while offering little water resistance.

Piercing the water is a reverse bow design that will offer the most efficient way to cut through waves and the retractable drought means the best anchor points can be reached without too much trouble. The sail rigging was also designed with performance in mind, allowing speeds of up to 32 knots to be reached.

Once inside, the Aeroyacht really shines. Every square inch has been designed to offer the highest level of comfort. Two separate bars are available along with a 10 person dining room and a massive lounge area. LED lighting is employed wherever available, which will come in handy when using the 65inch plasma TV.

The Aeroyacht 110 is still only a rendering, but several companies have already been contacted regarding production.