Aesent Tent With Built In Air Mattress May Be The Most Comfortable Tent Ever

Aesent TentAesent Tent

Camping--getting back to nature, the bucolic scenery, getting away from the rat race, having to rough it--is one of my favorite things. One of my least favorite things is a back ache, and that sometimes happens when camping and sleeping on the hard ground. The Aesent Tent promises to eliminate that back ache. It is the world's first tent with a (patent-pending) integrated inflatable base.

 Aesent Tent AssemblyAesent Tent Assembly

Not to be confused with HEIMPLANET's Inflatable Tent, the Aesent tent is a four-man dome tent that comes with a six inch inflatable base that is attached by zipper. The tent can be set up in minutes and the base inflated in under two minutes. The tent and mattress can also function separately, so you can have lighter backpack on a hike or use the air mattress outside of the camping realm. 

Aesent Tent BottomAesent Tent Bottom

While this seems like a great idea, you could easily be sure to find a tent and air mattress that fit and work together. However, the Aesent offers something a bit more than just the ordinary tent and air mattress. Of course, the design itself if unique. The tent itself is fairly comparable to other tents of the like on the market, but the mattress is made of a vinyl that's thicker than the standard camping mattresses, so it is less susceptible to punctures.

The mattress design is also not your run-of-the-mill. Most air mattresses have a bladder-like design, which makes them bouncy and flimsy, especially when sharing. The Aesent mattress is made of an intertwining system of tubes, which gives it more support and limits motion transfer from other mattress mates. 

The Aesent tent hasn't hit the market just yet, but the people at Aesent are pushing for the tent to be out by late June or the beginning of July. So if you're in the market for "the world's most comfortable tent" come June or July, you should check out the Aesent. 

Source: Aesent