Affordable, Colorful, Functional - The New Misfit Flash Fitness And Sleep Monitor

The Misfit Flash is set to be one of my favorite sports trackers out there. Like the Shine that came before it, the Flash makes a nice change from the dull, functional sports trackers already on the market, and it's cheap! It tracks your steps taken, and your sleep, beautifully.

Misfit FlashMisfit Flash

One of the reasons I like it so much is because it comes in 7 colors, and the inner circular piece can be attached to a sports band of another color, clipped to your clothes or attached to your keys. 

Misfit Sport BandMisfit Sport Band

It syncs with your smartphone, and it never needs to be charged, although the battery only lasts up to 6 months. It's also waterproof, so you can go down to 30m still wearing it. 

The lights in the circular inner part light up to show your progress towards your daily activity goal, as well as tell the time. It measures steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep quality and duration.

It's not released yet, but from early reviews, it seems to be making a good impression so far, apart from not being as touch sensitive as the Shine.

With a lot of sports trackers on the market, and the soon to be released Apple Watch, Misfit need to compete on design, and cost. The Misfit Flash costs just $49.99, half the cost of their older model, the Shine, which had sales of 600,000 pieces and cost roughly $100; and a seventh the price of what Apple are expected to charge for their Watch.

UPDATE: The Misfit is now available at many retailers, including Amazon here.

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