Agave Sweetens Naturally; Just Taste Your Tequila

What does Wholemato Ketchup have in common with your favorite tequila? A succulent plant called the agave. The natural sweetener that Wholemato Ketchup uses is agave nectar culled from the flower of the agave plant. Tequila is distilled from sap in the heart of the blue agave.

Many parts of the agave have been responsible for the health and "good spirits" of Latin Americans for centuries before Europeans even explored those lands. Its dried leaves provided fiber for clothing and its dried flower stem became a musical instrument, one of Mexico's pre-Columbian trumpets.

Agave nectar is the newest "healthy sweetener" to enter the repertoire of non-Latin chefs and bartenders, as well to sit on the shelves of health food stores throughout the world. Its relatively low glycemic index makes agave a natural alternative to sugar and honey, a sweetener recommended even for those who suffer from diabetes and low blood sugar. Many diabetics not only miss the obviously sweet treats like cakes and cookies, but condiments like ketchup and barbecue sauce that normally contain diabetes-prohibitive amounts of sugar.

Wholemato Ketchup is one of the first condiments commercially produced with agave nectar. Its taste is sweet but also a bit nippy, which actually makes Wholemato quite interesting on a burger or fries.


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