Sharing A Meal Begins In The Oven! "Brivet" by DK Ahn

DK Ahn's new designs, debuting at the London 100% Design show, are a small but varied banquet of practical, cultural, intuitive and spiritual sides of the artist, as well as the enormous talent, both as a designer and an inventor, Ahn possesses to express those sides.

Among these new works, DK Ahn expresses his strong "family values" through an invention he calls Brivet, a created combination of "bread" and "trivet." Mealtime, Ahn says about his invention, is a time for family to come together to enjoy their food. The smell of food cooking in the oven, the taste of it, the chatter of family, the joy of being together... they are all part of a meal, all part of what makes memories.

Here is the Brivet in its open position, ready to be a trivet, keeping the hot pot of soup or stew from burning the table.



Once the bread dough has been prepared, the Brivet acts as a bread mold, surrounding the pot of stew or soup.

The bread it is broken into smaller segments and placed on the spokes of the Brivet to make rolls. The spokes are held in place by heat resistant elastic bands. The soup and the bread dough, go into the oven to cook together. The combinations of vapors released in the oven interact with each other, like family members do when they eat the meal.



When ready, the bread and soup can be brought to the table. The white spokes are released from the elastic first, so the bread may slide easily off the black spokes. And all is ready for the family to enjoy!



Indeed Brivet may be a design metaphor for a family meal. But whether you see a relationship between DK Ahn's personal values and the design of the Brivet, or you think I've been nipping the tequila a tad, you will have to admire the ingenuity of the Brivet invention!

As for me, I'm going to make some soup and invite family for supper!

D.K. Ahn's new works will be on display at 100% Design at Earl's Court, London, September 18 - 21 at Stand N90.
via 100% Design ; source: DK Ahn

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Sep 15, 2008
by Anonymous

No thanks!

Good food doesn't include the fumes or flavor of plastic.

Sep 16, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

There's no plastic in this design.

Not only is there no plastic in this design, but plastic would melt in the oven.

The designer used food safe silicon for the design of Brivet, which can not only go into the oven safely, but in the dishwasher as well.