AI Show Judge Calls American Idol Show Cheesy!!

There's a new article out interviewing Doug Hall, one of the judges on the American Inventor show that has a great quote:

'Inventor' Expert Tells It Like It Is

By John Kiesewetter at The Cincinnati Enquirer

When Simon Cowell went looking for a blunt, bold judge for his new "American Inventor" reality show on ABC, he found Cincinnati inventor Doug Hall. "I am the truth-teller. I tried never to be mean, but Simon did tell me at one point. 'Doug, if you tell the truth, you don't have a choice,' " says Hall, 47. ...

"I'm the fool. I'm the one who plays with everything," says Hall, whose TV contract allows him to wear his favorite work clothes -- colorful shirts, jeans, Birkenstocks or bare feet -- on the show. "The other judges were all in suits and fancy clothes, and they didn't want to jump on a trampoline, or ride the go-cart in the dirt. I did every demo possible to see if the things would do what they were promising they would do." ... "I'm the only (judge) who actually invented anything . . . They got a couple of advertising hacks, and a venture capitalist," Hall says. That's pure Doug Hall. Always brutally honest. "I can't be the 'truth-teller' on the show, and not tell the truth about the show," he says. On the show, Hall verbally spars with Quinlan -- think Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. And speaking of truth, how does Hall think "Inventor" compares to "Idol"? "Unlike those cheesy singing shows, this show is about something that matters. "Unless this country becomes more innovative, we're all going to be working for people in India and China," he says. The full article is at