Air Board Is Your Personal Hovercraft

Even though this thing is a big, round air saucer, they still chose to call it a board. I guess Jackbag-Toting Hunk of Air Puck just didn't have the same appeal. Misnomer aside, the Air Board is a personal hovercraft that you can use to fly around from place to place, assuming you have a wide, clear, smooth surface on which to ride. It hovers at speeds of up to 15 mph and is good for riding over concrete, grass and shallow wet areas--not good for bodies of water, sand or gravel.


The gasoline-powered vehicle is controlled through throttle and brake levers on the grip bar, resembling lawn mower controls. Steering is performed by simply shifting weight from side to side. A safety feature included on the Air Board is an automatic kill switch--in case you fall off, the Air Board won't bear down on you and render you impotent. You get an hour of 'thrills' with each tank of gas. 

Price? A cool $14,000 from Opulent Gifts. According to the site, it's a great gift for those seeking "unusual gifts for those with it all". Apparently the wannabe pro wrestler pimped out in circa '87 Nike high tops is someone "with it all". He's sure got style covered.

I still carry a childhood fascination with hovercrafts, but this thing looks neither fun nor practical. For those that agree the Air Board is a flaming miss, OG also offers full-size, traditional hovercrafts. I didn't even bother scoping the price of those. 

Opulent Gifts via Dvice