Air Filter and Houseplant Have Baby: Andrea Air Filter Is It A Great Holiday Gift Idea?

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Looking for an eco-friendly holiday gift? How about a gadget and a plant in one? How about the Andrea air filter?

The ANDREA air filter was invented by designer Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edward, a Harvard professor. The innovative filter is now available for purchase in various locations including Andrea requires no filter changes, quietly and naturally cleans the air and runs "approximately 40 times more efficient than standard portable HEPA or activated carbon filters" (

So why buy this instead of just a plant, which can filter, air without the gadget and save you hundreds of dollars? Well, according to the information provided on the filter gadget helps improve the plants natural filtration.

Also, since the plant is enclosed in a container it is probably safer to have around children. I can definitely understand the safety concern. I have an indoor plant that I had to recently move out of the reach of my ten month old because he likes to go up to it break off the stems and eat the dirt. Something like this would allow me to still have plants indoors near my children and at the same time provide clean air nearby for my children to breath. That's a nice thought.

So does it work? You tell me. If you've given the Andrea air filter a try share your experience below. 

Via Inhabitots

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