Air Hockey Playing Robot Adapts to Your Game


A computer can beat you at chess, but the odds are good that you know that already. But what about another game, a game that requires not a complex understanding of the statistical probabilities, but an acute eye and some decent reflexes?

A new robot, made by researchers at the Namiki Lab (part of Chiba University) have developed a robot that has a less lofty goal in life. Instead of chess, it plays air hockey.  This is, believe it or not, not the first prototype designed to play air hockey full time. What makes this one unique is the ability of the robot to adapt during the game.

The robots can change its tactics during the game in order to suit the style of the player it is facing. Just look at it on the bright side. The bot hasn’t learned to lean into the table and put at arm across the goal line yet.

Source: IEEE

Image: Morgue File