Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve: The Impetus For A New Design Craze?

The Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve, a design by Frank Xing, kicks take-out coffee up a couple of notches.  Not only is it pretty and 3-dimensional, but its petals actually breathe.



Slide the Air Shield Sleeve up the paper cup, pour in hot coffee (hot tea, chocolate, or any other hot drink), and watch the flower petals blossom.  As the heat warms up the coffee sleeve, the pre-cut petals expand, leaving a raised surface to protect your hands and fingers from... well... burning. As your coffee cools, the petals relax and lie flat again on the surface of the paper cup.



Beyond the latest news that drinking coffee is actually good for you, not much new has happened in the buzzed-out world. The Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve might be just what the lowly paper coffee cup needs to spur both creativity and interpersonal connection in coffee houses.  I envision a day when coffee drinkers carry reusable coffee cup sleeves (sustainable, eco-friendly) of their own design!

via Yanko Design