"Air Sketch" Your Scribbles Into Furniture with FRONT Design

Are you an artist that would just love to see your ideas pop off the page and come to life in the third dimension? The four members of Swedish design company FRONT might be able to help you out, especially in the realm of furniture design.

Part of an exhibit at the Design Museum in London, FRONT's Sketch Furniture installation is one of the more notable short-listed entries for the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year competition.

that's sketchythat's sketchy

Simple strokes of a pen in open space are recorded with "Motion Capture" technology, which translates motion into 3D files. This technique is mostly used for computer games and animation, but FRONT uses it to track the pen's creative path. From here, these sketches are brought into the real world via a process called "Rapid Prototyping", which literally materializes 3D files. A laser beam solidifies the sketch into liquid plastic, and within a few hours you've got yourself a verifiable piece of furniture.

Talk about custom-made! I would just hope whoever is sketching has got more than an iota of skill for drawing in empty space, lest you end up with some wacked out home décor.

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Jun 13, 2008
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this is asome