Stay Cool This Summer WIth A Pair Of Air-Conditioned Pants

You know as soon as you put them on that there's something special about the Kuchofuku air-conditioned pants. The breeze blowing around your crotch; the low hum from somewhere in the lining of the legs; or the clank of the fan blades as they scrape against your skin.

But mostly what you notice is the special way that air circulates inside the pants up to your waist and down the length of each leg, ballooning your pants to twice their normal size and prompting passers-by to ask: "is that a category 3 hurricane in your pants, or are you just pleased to see me?" 

With summer just around the corner the Kuchofuku air-conditioned pants offer an alternative to the pain and hard work of getting your body into bikini shape. Now you can avoid the expense and sweaty work-outs of the gym and stay cool, clothed, and sloth-like simply by pulling on a pair of pants. Even on the hottest summer day.

The two fans that circulate air around the inside of your pants are battery-operated and sewn into pockets at the thighs.

You can pick up a pair of air-conditioned pants for around $160 at Japan Trend Shop, where you can also take home a matching air-conditioned shirt at the same time.