Air-Dining (or How To Balance Food And Drink At A Barbecue)

Mobile GrapeMobile Grape Managing food and beverage is a feat at any table-less dinner. Air-dining, as I call it, can be a challenge for a guest, particularly at a large dinner party. In honor of the official start of the barbecue season this Memorial Day weekend, I thought I'd give you a tip on what to bring with you to keep your air-dinner, wine, or beer, off your shirt.

If a host wants to deliver their guests from the awkwardness of air-dining, I suggest you invest in these "necklace" holders for barbecue guests. A guest might consider bringing one along, just in case, for himself, or buying a gift set for his host.

The Mobile Grape Hands-Free Wine Glass Holder

I love the name Mobile Grape, but the product does offer more. This necklace holder fits any glass with a stem and offers both a sling and plastic arms that clip around the glass to keep it from moving around. Now, admittedly, you still have to be careful -- think before bending over, for example - but the Mobile Grape is a nifty gadget and even suitable for a casual indoor party. Available from Mobile Grape for $5.00.



BevNeck Hands-Free Soda, Water, and Beer Holders

Bevneck WetsuitBevneck Wetsuit

Cans and bottles may be carried in BevNecks. The neoprene casing makes the BevNecks lightweight around your neck and keeps your clothing relatively dry from evaporation. The BevNeck necklace holders are not elegant, but hey, you're at a barbecue. And some of the BevNecks even have a zipper closing and a pocket (the "Wetsuit" pictured here)! The BevNecks are great to keep with you in your car in case your own fancy takes you to a little league game ... or the beach. BevNecks are available from for around $9.95.


I don't recommend the dinner plates with drink slots in them. Two hands are needed just to balance a plate with a drink in it and, if a guest places the plate on her lap, she has to wrestle the drink out of the plate without spilling her barbecue beans....