AIRE Mask: Charge Your Device With Your Breath


Imagine being able to charge your phone with a renewable energy source, like water or wind. Now imagine that energy source coming from yourself. Imagine a mask that converts wind energy, specifically your breath, into electrical energy. What you're imagining is the conceptual AIRE Mask. 

Designed by João Lammoglia, the AIRE Mask isn't quite a working product just yet. Lammoglia says the technology hasn't quite caught up with the design. The concept is a mask with wind turbines inside that would convert the wind energy to electric energy and transfer that energy through a cable to your device.

This could be a real, energy-saving, green product in the future, and what's more, it encourages exercise. After all, while you're exercising you are breathing harder, and it is one of the prime times when you will be using a good deal of your device's battery (listening to your jams), while unplugged.

Charge Your Device With AIRECharge Your Device With AIRE

You don't have to use the AIRE Mask only while exercising. Use it while sleeping, driving, reading a book or at any time you're breathing, which is any time. Take it to the beach, on hikes, on road trips, to the dog park or on a camping trip. Not only would this invention be a very convenient way to charge your phone, but  wind energy is renewable, so you will be working to eliminate your carbon footprint. 

As I mentioned earlier, the AIRE Mask isn't yet on the market. However, the patent is pending and it could be the the next big thing in the "green" world, so if you're into exercise, renewable energy or technology products that are creative and practical, you might want to look out for the AIRE Mask. 

Source: Lammoglia