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Airfork One - A Handy Utensil For Your Little Commander-in-Chief

The Airfork One is sure to be a big hit with finicky eaters, pilots-in-waiting, frequent fliers or travelers.  After all, what little guy wouldn't love having his very own Airfork One? 

Airfork OneAirfork One

The stainless steel fork is safe for the freezer and for food and is encased in a dishwasher-safe silicone.  It is just under seven inches long and five inches wide and comes in a recyclable box.  

 Airfork OneAirfork One

Your child may look forward to eating his peas and carrots with this "handy" device. Designed by SIbylle Stoeckli/ECAL, Airfork One is designed for children three and above and retails for under $10.  Adorable!

Source and Photos:  Amazon and Sibylle



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