Airfy Is The World's First Smart Hotspot

Routers are boring. Airfy is trying to change that. Featuring a bold design, and packed with options, Airfy is looking to be THE Wi-Fi router of 2014. Still in the funding stages, Airfy plans to include an 802.11ac/n router, a point of sale for mobile shopping, commercial-based free Wi-Fi and the ability to use the router as a Bluetooth iBeacon.

It will be interesting to see if Airfy will be able to pull off all of these features, but if so, it is a good chance you are seeing the future of mobile hotspots and routers. The possibilities are huge with this one. Firstly, the ability to offer commericial-based free Wi-Fi for businesses. To explain, users could log into the hotspot and have full access once watching a short commercial. This is a great way for coffee shops and other small businesses to not only offer a service to patrons, but give the business another outlet for revenue. 

Using the Airfy mobile app, you can also set up a mobile point of sale for your business. This will allow customers to pay for products through the app, saving time for both the customers and employees. It will, however, be interesting to see how this works. There are a lot of holes with this feature.

Airfy AppAirfy App

If business use is not for you, Airfy also has full support with IFTTT, a service that allows you to set up social media integration and things like mobile alerts. With 50 LEDS in the Airfy device you can have it alert you when you get a Twitter notification, a phone call, or a new email. The possibilities are enormous. There is also a stretch goal to add a camera to the Airfy, allowing you to use it as a security system for your home or office. 

Right now it's not a question as to whether or not the Airfy is awesome; the question is whether or not the Airfy will be able to bring all of these features together. If so, Airfy is looking to shake up the rather stale router world. Currently in funding stages on Indiegogo, the Airfy is set to launch September 2014.

Source: Airfy