Airport Gate G7 Designed For Your Comfort - No Kidding!

Koninklijke Philips Electronics has a rare esprit.  It caters to people, folks like you and me, in a way many other companies don't even aspire to.  This time Philips designed an airport gate that is passenger focused and friendly, rather than expedient, one that cares about our comfort and well-being, unlike the airline you are about to board.

Instead of counting the pennies the airport could save, Philips Design interviewed passengers and airport personnel to find out what kind of environment and what services they would want to have at an airport gate.  Then Philips used its advanced lighting, technology, and design teams to get to work on Gate G7 at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. The objective: to "enhance passenger’s travel experience to eliminate stress, increase comfort and relaxation, as well as providing them with a feeling of well-being. "

Wow!  Really?


Gate G7, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: © PhilipsGate G7, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: © Philips


As an Ambient Experience solution, Philips designed a special welcome area at Gate G7, where airline personnel greet passengers and lead them through a 'discreet' security process.  After the passengers are screened, they have a special seating area to put their shoes back on.  Then, the integrated lighting and audio system helps guide passengers into the waiting area, where 'living magazines' brightly light the walls with features of your destination, places to visit, dine, and stay. 

At the gate, the airline logo is brightly lit to provide continuity with your whole travel experience.  (KLM must operate differently than Continental.)


Gate G7, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, waiting area: © PhilipsGate G7, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, waiting area: © Philips


Gate G7, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, first class lounge: © PhilipsGate G7, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, first class lounge: © Philips

“The main challenge was to merge individual passenger needs with airline hospitality requirements and workflow efficiency for security,” says Jos Stuyfzand, Director Ambient Experience Design. “By integrating programmable lighting scenarios and large video displays into a complete  new interior design we have created a highly flexible and immersive experience. Lighting and animated video intuitively guide passengers through a seamless security and boarding process. These unique features differentiate the airline hospitality experience. ”