Airwaves City Car Concept Focuses on Safety

We have seen quite a few City Car Concepts over past few months. However, most of them only solve the problem of fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The new Airwaves City Car Concept was designed to not only help with fuel and pollution, but also to save lives and money.

The Airwaves City Car, like most of it's competition, relies on electricity to get around. Also similar to other electric vehicles, its range is limited to about 50 or 60 miles, but produces no harmful emissions in the process. The fuel savings are another huge bonus.

The vehicle is also very unique in the ways it solves problems that have been plaguing downtown areas since the invention of the parking lot. When you put a bunch of cars all in one place and people are getting in and out of the constantly, sooner or later the door becomes a weapon in the battle against shiny new paint. To counteract this, the Airwaves have an electrically controlled door that hinges upward as opposed to outward. Meaning no more "doorings."

The new EV also has a built in safety system specifically for pedestrians. When the computer senses a quick stop/collision and the emergency brake is applied, the velocity will lift the Airwaves off the ground and lock it there. At the same time, inside and outside airbags will be deployed so both the passengers inside and the people outside should sustain only minor injuries.

Via Tuvie