a-JAYS Three Headphones Sound Off Superbly

From Swedish audiophiles JAYS comes a line of headphones designed to give maximum comfort, style and performance - one that actually delivers!

We were leery of getting our a-JAYS Three headphones in the mail; what if they were terrible? From the design of the site you wouldn't think so - everything is slick, well put together and clearly demonstrates the JAYS passion for music and sound. There were a wealth of headphones to choose from, each more intriguing than the next but we had settled on the Three, a basic earbud-style sound solution for an MP3 player or mobile phone. Soon enough, it arrived.

The packaging itself was outstanding, even before we got to the headphone portion of the product. A simple, tall elliptical case was easily opened thanks to a small tab on the lower right hand side and once its cover slid off the headphones, manual, carrying case and "extras" were all there for the naked eye to see. It was a slick presentation, something we're always fans of when it comes to this type of gadgetry.

Before we get to the sound itself, we'll take a minute to discuss just what's included in the a-JAYS Three bundle so you'll know what you're in for if you buy. In addition to the headphones themselves, complete with black, tangle-free flat cable and silicone headphone sleeves the Threes also came with four other sizes of headphone sleeves for varying ear largeness, a stereo splitter, flight adapter and a black circular carrying case to protect your sound delivery system. The case especially was a nice touch; opened, it is a small semicircle that you can drop the headphones into and it then slides closed into a full circle of protection.

a-JAYS Three: cool packaging is always fun.a-JAYS Three: cool packaging is always fun. 

The flat cable was also a great idea. It claims to be tangle-resistant but seems to be pushing into the "tangle free" zone. It took a bit of getting used to as we're more familiar with tiny thin cables than the ones on the JAYS headphones, which are wider (think fettucini sized) but are very unlikely to tangle, no matter the situation.

Now, on to the sound.

Simply put, these are not your daddy's headphones. These are not the headphones you bought last year. They are not the ones that came with your iPhone. All of those are fine; they serve their purpose well and provide a way to hear something resembling "sound" coming from your mobile device.

The JAYS, though, are in a whole different ballpark. Deep bass and crisp treble are par for the course here and in comparing them to our original iPhone headphones, as an example, there was no contest. None. Period.

They're not perfect; the silicon earbuds were a turn-off to some that we allowed to use the headphones and some did say that they found the upper range "tinny", but don't misunderstand - these are damn good in-ear headphones.

If you're interested in upping your sound game, the JAYS line has a variety of choices ranging from the a-JAYS One up to the new Four which has volume/voice/call answer controls for mobile phones, and the Three can currently be found for sale on Amazon for $60, among other locations.

We'll be honest; we're not the biggest audiophiles in the world, but the guys over at JAYS are clealy leaders in that pack. Trust us, you'll hear why.

Source: Jays 

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