Alarm Clock Strips You Of The Ability To Wake Up – Leaves Ability To Get It Up Intact

Sure, you could have a “regular”alarm clock, one that would buzz and whine to get you out of bed, or you could have one that sashays its way into your conscious. Let's have a big round of applause for the Pole Dancer Alarm Clock!


Let’s be clear here – this toy is not for kids! It is for adults only, and even then is mostly going to target single men, adventurous women or married guys whose wives havea broad sense of humor.


The name of the alarm clock says most of it, and gives a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen when this thing goes off in the morning.


Instead of standard beeping or local radio fare, this alarm will wake you up to the soothing sounds of stripper music, coupled with twin lights aimed at the clock’s main “stage”.


On that stage you’ll find, well, a stripper, dressed in a red bikini and heels, as well as a large silver pole. When the alarm goes off, the music and lights will cue up, and your own personal dancer will get you out of bed.


If you’d rather stay and watch some more, simply pull out a dollar bill and…ok, not really – there is a snooze alarm as well as standard alarm setting features, along with a backlit LED display for easy viewing.


Let’s be honest – this isn’t an atomic clock (thought it might be considered and anatomic one), and so long as it keeps time and doesn’t fall off of your nightstand, it has effectively completed the task it has been assigned. The clock should run smoothly without much manhandling.


Just like at a real club of flexible morality, this is far more about the dazed looking and listening than the touching. Touching is bad, and can result in you being violently erected…ejected from your bed.


Not exactly in the pole position for alarm clocks, this Stripper Alarm Clock is available at Amazon and might be just the gift for a more “adult” Christmas.


Source: Island Dogs

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